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Google Renames Messenger to Android Messages

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That’s right, the new Android Messages app on your phone, which will show in the app drawer as just “Messages,” is the new name of Google’s Messenger app.
Messenger is now Android Messages, the messaging app built for Android.” Cute.
Again, nothing will change, but this is the Android messaging app that Google will push as the default on Android devices.
If you head into Google Play and check the apps you have available with updates, you’ll probably notice one called “Android Messages.” No, no, no, it’s not a brand new Google messaging app, it’s just the good ol’ Google Messenger with a fresh new name.
So yeah, grab that update to Android Messages, your new messaging app “built for Android!”Play Link

Google rebrands Messenger as Android Messages in a move toward a universal texting app

Google rebrands Messenger as Android Messages in a move toward a universal texting app

as mentioned in If you fired up your Google Messenger app this morning, you might have noticed something different: It’s now called Android Messages.
Google Once RCS expands to all carriers, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more with the Android Messages app.
Google is looking to change that with Android Messages.
Amir Sarhangi, head of Rich Communication Services at Google, explained in a blog post that the new name is a step toward finally creating a default universal messaging app on Android.
Going forward, Android Messages will be the default app shipping on a wide variety of phones not made by Google, including handsets from some big-name manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Sony, and HTC.

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