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“Digital Spy” : 7 new Nokia 3310 features you’ll wish your high-end smartphone had

referring to No, we’re not talking about Jesus, but the return of the most iconic mobile phone of all time, the beloved Nokia 3310.
Now, 17 long years since its namesake was first introduced, and 13 years after it was removed from production lines, the Nokia 3310 is back.
If the following Nokia 3310 features were on the likes of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, we wouldn’t get so excited about our annual upgrade rolling around.
A TRULY ENJOYABLE MOBILE GAMING EXPERIENCE© Digital SpyWhen the original Nokia 3310 came out, you were near enough limited to one on-the-move gaming option.
A MONTH-LONG BATTERY LIFE© Digital SpyThe Nokia 3310’s battery life is a thing of legend

When is the new Nokia 3310 phone released? Price, date, specifications, rumours and features

Nokia 3310 phone

as declared in Alamy 6 Classic Nokia 3310 was the definitive phone of the early noughtiesAlamy 6 Revamped Nokia is expected to largely resemble the old designWhat features will the Nokia 3310 have?
Designer imagines what the new Nokia 3310 might end up looking like
The Nokia 3310 is to make a comeback because of a nostalgia for a phone loved for its hardiness and long battery life.
Nokia 8800 – Between £80 to £300 The Nokia 8800 was considered a luxury phone when it was released in 2005.
If you have an old model, you could expect to make around £200 by selling it on eBay.


Comment: Is new Nokia 3310 still relevant in the smartphone era?

Nokia 3310 phone

as declared in If you judge by yardsticks of the 2000s, the new Nokia 3310 may become a victim of its own image.
Back in 2000s, the Nokia 3310 was the most sought-after phones in the market.
Overall, Nokia 3310 has a big mountain to climb.
A sub-optimal feature phone with limited Internet connectivity and miniscule app support doesn’t act in favour of Nokia 3310.
Firstly, Nokia 3310 runs only on 2.5G networks.

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