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EU orders Facebook and Google to prevent consumer scams

as mentioned in We’ve reached out to Facebook, Google and Twitter for comment and will update the story if we hear back.
Authorities and advocacy groups are getting more and more complaints from consumers about scams and services that don’t respect EU consumer laws.
Instead, “given the growing importance of online social media networks,” the EU intends to start holding the hosting platforms responsible, said Jourová.
The aim is to stop scams involving consumer payments, subscription traps via free trials, counterfeit product sales and fake promotions.
“Social media companies need to take more responsibility in addressing scams and frauds … it is not acceptable that EU consumers can only call on a court in California to resolve a dispute,” said EU Commissioner Věra Jourová in a statement.

Google and Facebook Will Account for 74% of Digital Ad Growth in 2017 — The Motley Fool


as informed in eMarketer’s projection for U.S. ad revenue growth is actually below analysts’ consensus estimate for Facebook’s overall revenue growth this year.
Google’s search ad revenue is expected to climb 16% this year compared to its overall revenue growth of 15%.
However, saturation in ad load could cause U.S. ad growth to slow more significantly compared to regions where Facebook has faster user growth.
Facebook dominates display advertisingWhile Google grows more dominant in search, Facebook is increasingly dominant in display ads.
Google search takes $0.78 of every dollarGoogle’s biggest business, search, is also its biggest growth driver.

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