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Ealing man died while charging his Apple iPhone in his bathiPhone in the bath

according to Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email A verdict of accidental death has been returned after a man was electrocuted while charging his Apple iPhone in his bath.
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Coroner Sean Cummings said he will write to Apple to warn of the dangers, according to The Sun .
Recording a verdict of accidental death, Dr Sean Cummings said Apple could make changes to improve safety.
I intend to write a report later to the makers of the phone.”The inquest was held at West London Coroner’s Court in Bagleys Lane, Fulham on Thursday (March 16).


London man killed after charging iPhone


according to A man has been killed after he was electrocuted as he charged his iPhone while in the bath.
Advertisement Richard Bull, 32, of Ealing, west London died when his iPhone charged made contact with water.
Officials believe that Bull plugged an extension cord into an outlet in the hallway and then connected his iPhone charger in the bathroom.
Coroner, Dr. Sean Cummings has warned the public and officials over the lethal power of electricity.
He suffered severe burns on his chest, arm, and hand when the charger touched the water.

according to British man electrocuted while using charging iPhone in the bathREUTERS Richard Bull was electrocuted after his charging phone came into contact with his bath water.
A British man’s electrocution death while charging his iPhone as he took a bath has sparked a warning from a coroner to other phone users.
Coroner Dr Sean Cummings ruled Bull’s death was an accident, but issued a warning to users – and said he would also contact iPhone manufacturer Apple with his concerns.
Bull was believed to have rested his phone on his chest when it came into contact with the water, electrocuting him.

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