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Top 5 Music Apps for your Android phone that will sell for Rs 2,999

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as informed in Poweramp Music Player – Free / Rs 68 Starting with one of the most used and one of the oldest in this segment, Poweramp Music Player is the most complete music player ever.
While Google Play Music in itself is a decent music player and most of the OEMs also put in their own version of a music player, we recommend you to use the Poweramp Music Player for once.
Note that, this list covers music players, music streaming apps and even radio apps.
There are exceptions in the name of LG, HTC and even Apple, but let’s look at some of the best music apps which can help you improve your music listening experience from your smartphone.
Coming back to the free version, you get to stream songs from a tonne of libraries from all around the world.

This is Micromax Bharat 2, the 4G LTE Android phone that will sell for Rs 2,999

The Bharat 1 will sell for Rs 1,999 and the Bharat 2 carries a price tag of Rs 2,999.
Today, India Today tech can reveal the hardware details of the Bharat 2.
The Bharat 1 is a feature phone with support for 4G LTE — think Jio — built in it.
The Bharat 1 and Bharat 2 are the phones through which Micromax hopes to ride the 4G wave in India.
The Bharat 2, however, is an Android smartphone, again with 4G LTE support built in.


as mentioned in Whatever the final destination of the neural network tech, it will certainly be interesting to see how it works itself into the public eye.
The company has gone through multiple iterations of actually expressing this neural network.
It started with dedicated apps that took information about your usage process while providing a service in return, and eventually created an Android launcher to help express the benefits of the technology.
When we use our phones, there are a number of clunky processes that can waste many precious minutes of our time.
It isn’t sure exactly where the final home of the technology will reside, whether it be in an Android launcher or a whole separate fork of Android all together, but they are quite confident that they will find an investor interested in their technology.

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