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Huawei annual acchive US$75b in 2016


In 2017, we will continue to boost the efficiency and quality of our operations to ensure solid growth.”
Huawei Rotating chief executive Eric Xu said the company had maintained its strategic focus in 2016 to achieve solid growth across its carrier, enterprise and consumer business groups.
In 2016, Huawei’s continued investment in the business included annual spending US$11 billion on research and development.
“We will stay customer-centric and will support digital transformation in all industries, in order to create value for our customers and to grow sustainably.”
Chinese telcommunications giant Huawei increased revenue by 32% to US$75.1 billion to record net profits of US$5.3 billion in 2016, up by just 0.4% as the company continued to invest in further global market expansion.

Huawei annual revenues increase 32% year-over-year in 2016

Huawei annual

as declared in APAC to hit 1 billion IoT cellular connections by 2025 The Asia-Pacific region is forecast to have 1 billion IoT cellular connections by 2025, according to a recent study by Strategy Analytics.
Huawei reported revenues of 521.6 billion yuan ($75.1 billion) for 2016, an increase of 32% compared to the previous year, according to the company’s latest financial report.
The company’s consumer business unit shipped 139 million smartphones in 2016, and reported 179.8 billion yuan ($25.9 billion) in annual revenue, a 44% year-over-year increase.
Meanwhile, Huawei’s enterprise business unit generated revenues of 40.7 billion yuan ($5.9 billion) in 2016, an increase of 47% versus the previous year.
The vendor’s carrier business unit generated 290.6 billion yuan($41.8 billion) in revenue last year, an increase of 24% year-over-year.

as declared in

Huawei 2016 annual report: solid growth and sustained investment in the future

Huawei 2016

Huawei Follow > Disable alert for Eric Xu Disable alert for Huawei Disable alert for Huawei Rotating Disable alert for KPMG Disable alert for Sabrina Meng Follow >Huawei today released its audited financial results for 2016, reporting that its Carrier, Enterprise, and Consumer business groups (BGs) each achieved solid year-on-year growth.
Eric Xu, Huawei Rotating CEO, remarked, “In 2016, Huawei maintained its strategic focus and achieved solid growth.
In 2016, Huawei continued to invest in the future, with the company’s annual spending on research and development reaching CNY76.4 billion (US$11 billion).
Financial statements in the 2016 Annual Report are audited independently by KPMG.
To download the 2016 Annual Report, visit www.huawei.com/en/about-huawei/annual-report/2016.

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