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youtube as an important tool of social media

about youtube

YouTube is a web site that allows users to upload, view, comment on, and share live video recordings for free.
Chief Executive Officer: Suzanne Wageski (February 5, 2014)
Founded on: February 14, 2005, San Mateo, California, United States
Headquarter: San Bruno, California, United States
Founders: Chad Hurley, Jaud Kareem, Steve Chen

the begining of youtube

YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jude Kareem were former employees of PayPal. Before that, Chad Hurley studied design at the University of Indiana, Pennsylvania, while Steve Chen and Judd Kareem studied computer science at the University of Illinois. YouTube.com became active on February 15, 2005, and then the site was designed for a few months. The site was opened as an experiment in May 2005 and officially opened six months later.

The first video on YouTube

The video, “Me at the Zoo” by Jaude, was the first video uploaded on it on April 23, 2005, and is 18 seconds long. I’m in the zoo on YouTube

Social impact

After the launch of  it, it became easy to publish films for users to see around the world, and many amateurs such as comedians, politicians and musicians are continuously publishing videos such as Pat Kundel,

The video “Baby” by Justin Bieber  believed to be the most watched video on the YouTube site, with more than 800 million people, but the video of South Korean singer Sai Gangnam Style surpassed it in April 2014 with 2 billion views.

Terms of Service

it doesn’t allow to place copyrighting movies reserved without the permission of the employer. Pornographic movies (+18), films that offend certain characters, obscene films, or films that promote criminality are not permitted.

advanced and disadvanced of youtube 

advanced of youtube

advanced of youtube

YouTube is an excellent platform for personal use to share videos with friends and family. It is the most popular video sharing site for all types of audiences. When you upload videos to it  you will see both YouTube and Google search engines, and you can get your own brand You get millions of video views, and you can offer your company and the benefits of your products, all for free.
it is a free site, and there are no fees to pay when you use YouTube, so you should not be concerned when you start to try YouTube, you can practice and test your creative ways when doing videos and you’ll see how the market interacts with them for free.

Money is the first thing everyone needs when making videos, you need money to buy expensive cameras, pay electricity bills and internet bills, so without money you can not do anything when making videos.

it allows you to link your Google AdSense account with it, and gives you a chance to make money from the videos you download to YouTube. If you do not already have a Google Adsense account, YouTube allows you to create a new Adsense account with your YouTube file.

Using it to access the media is cheap and easy, and will display any video, which is a great service and interesting, and you can see the new videos on YouTube, and YouTube has the features of privacy and safe browsing and quick access to files Various video.


disadvanced of youtube


If you create a popular channel on it , you need to edit the video clips, add some video plugins like annotation, you need to buy a video editing program or hire someone with skills to edit the video, so you need to pay a salary for that .

The cost of maintaining digital cameras, hiring an experienced person and buying some expensive tools when making a video all require money, you have to spend your money until you get paid from it .

YouTube is a public site, so anyone can see the videos you’ve posted, anyone can post the video, there may be issues of copyright infringement, and there can be issues of privacy invasion.
Kids can access the YouTube site easily, and you may need to block and block some sites from them. Some video clips are not suitable for children at times and can be seen without warning. There is violence on some videos, and there Videos from pornographic sites, and teenagers tend to post and watch violent scenes on YouTube.

Your  account can be disabled. If you are copying someone’s video or making a video that does not comply with it terms, you may get a YouTube channel ban or your AdSense account can be blocked, so it’s best to implement your own idea When making a video rather than implementing others’ ideas.

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