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Facebook try to control the fake likes and accounts

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Fcebook cracks down on bogus ‘likes’ and zombie accounts in battle against fake news

Fake news purveyors are known to use ghost accounts and bot traffic to juice their numbers for advertisers.
The social network said Friday it has shut down a massive spam operation that generated thousands of “inauthentic likes” on publisher pages.
The effort is tied to Facebook’s ongoing battle with the wave of fake news that’s contaminated the site.
The fraudsters’ apparent intent was to dole out comments and likes on the pages of popular media outlets in hopes of friending users.
The problem has put the company and other big online platforms under increased media scrutiny since last November’s presidential election.
Facebook cracks down


Facebook buys newspaper space to combat fake news

 fake news

A recent report by The Outline, for instance, highlights how often Google search result snippets are hijacked by fake news.
Facebook and Google have both been criticized for their role in the spread of fake news.
While Google and Facebook work on the technology side — how to build better reporting tools, fact-checker partnerships and news-filtering algorithms — it makes sense to promote a more media-savvy user base.
In response, Facebook has started linking to fake news tips at the top of the News Feed, and Google is showing fact-check summaries prominently in search results.
That’s easier said than done, given the breadth of publishers who are now sharing news-like content on Facebook.


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