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Ten famous female scientists in programming

first at all Let us take a look at the ten famous female scientists who contributed to these works
in the first The world of technology is constantly developing and we are hearing about new news .but behind all these works great minds are disappearing behind their creations.
and We always think that all these works are men’s work and we feel that it is not appropriate for women. but the list we are reviewing with you in the next few lines completely undermines this perception and proves its grave error.

1-Ada lovelace

Ada lovelace
A British mathematician, born in 1815. She contributed to the writing of a program of the Charles Pappag analytical machine, one of the first mechanical computers .called the analytical engine – currently in the Science Museum in London.

Was honored with the launch of its name on a programming language called Ada, where it is considered the first programmed in history by translating and commenting on an article by an Italian mathematician named Luigi Minabriz, as these observations were adopted as the first program.

2-Barbara Liskov

Barbara Liskov
American computer scientist, also professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and born in California on November 7, 1939 ..
also She is the first woman in the United States to receive a doctorate in computer science, and her thesis was “Computer Programming for Playing Chess and Games.”

Contributed to the development of the practical and theoretical foundations of programming language and system design, focused on data abstraction and distributed computing. It also developed two programming languages in the 1970s, called CLU, and in the eighties Argus.

3-ENIAC Computer Institutions

ENIAC Computer Institutions
Jane Bartick, Marilyn Meltzer, Ruth Titillabam and Francis Spence .. The original software for ENIAC is the first computer device created by America in 1945.

4-Dana Ulery

Dana Ulery
Was born in 1938. She is the first female engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Designed and developed algorithms to capture the capabilities of NASA’s space network and automate the tracking systems of missionaries and astronauts

5-sally floyd

sally floyd
An American computer scientist who has worked in the field of Internet congestion control and is the inventor of the Red List Management scheme. also She has won numerous awards for her contributions to controlling congestion

6-Karen sparck jones

Karen sparck jones
A British computer scientist, born August 26, 1935 .. Worked at Cambridge Computer Lab.

and Contributed to concepts such as the frequency of the inverse document (IDF) and the weighting in information retrieval, which is now used in most search engines

7-Radia perlman

Radia perlman
A software engineer and network engineer, born in 1951, best known for her Internet title!

She invented the tree protocol (STP), a basic protocol in the Internet recently, and got more than 50 patents from the company (sun), is currently an employee of Intel

8-Grace hopper

Grace hopper
A computer scientist and admiral in the US Navy,  and was born in 1906. also The first woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics in the United States, the first commanding up to the Admiral degree in the US Navy.

But we are not finished here, she is also the inventor of the first computer translator who translates codes into commands called COBOL, and has participated in many projects.

Hopper received many awards, and was named a US warship, proud of her contributions.

9-Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond
A Canadian video game producer and producer,  and born in Montreal on August 27, 1975. After earning her bachelor’s degree in science, also she worked as a programmer at Sony, and produced several games including The Sims Online and assassin’s creed.

10-danese cooper

danese cooper
A computer scientist and programmer, born in 1959,also she is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (Apache), which has led several groups in many companies such as Symantec.

It is an open source programming editor (a term that refers to software code available without intellectual property restrictions). This gives software users complete freedom to view, modify or add new features to their software code.
of course these names are not the end of the list, and there are very many female programmers of women have a global reputation for their distinctive works that have contributed in pushing the movement of technical progress a long way ..

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