10 best-sellers of Nintendo switch games

 10 best-sellers of Nintendo switch games


we are always searching for best games and best-sellers especially with Nintendo switch games.

1-Pokemon shield -Nintendo switch

Galar region is the place for new journey.
Choosing new partners in the Pokemon battles
You will discover new ways and places different from others
the price is $55.06

2-super smash Bros.Ultimate

you will face a new fighter
also Fighting becomes very fast
Powerful attacks with new defensive options.
The price is $56.99

3-NEW super Mario Bros. U DELUXE-Nintendo switch

there are simple and fast controls.
You will find an additional content.
It had 164 courses in it and many characters.
The price is $56.99

4-Just dance 2019-nintendo switch standard edition

it includes 400 songs
you can learn the habit of dancing.
also dancing with different methods and Recommendation of experts skills development.
The price is$19.99

5-Pokemon switch-Nintendo switch

these game will face a new Pokemon with sharp battles to discover new adventures.
the price is $55.06

6-Minecraft-Nintendo switch

types of fantasy violence depends on a team and internet service.
the price is $28.67

7-Yoshi’s crafted world

there are a lot of secrets in every step.
You will beat on many challenges and will enjoy.
The prices is $59.99

8-Pokemon:Let’s GO Pikachu

strong adventure between Pokemon and Pikachu .
kanto is the meeting region.
You use Joy-Con controls with high sound and lights
the price is $56.00

9-Super Mario maker 2

also new imagination and new tools.
You can create super Mario of your dreams.
The price is $59.99

10-the legend of Zelda :breath of the wild

You’ll go into the jungle and look at the peak of the mountains.
You will discover the kingdom of Hyrule.
Your journey will be free.
It is from games the fantasy violence
the price is $59.88.

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