10 games without WiFi or Internet


Games without wifi or internet that need in the absence of any Internet games are exciting and fun you should know them at no cost

And also there are platforms built by Google called stadia  for 2019 

And also Nintendo switch controller 

We will let you know now about the top 10 games you will enjoy.

games without WiFi or Internet

1-Smash Hit

firstly, It is a playful game that works within it to break the glass that does not end
It has a ultra realistic physics
And Inside it there are some great graphics along with background sounds that give you a different experience
This game is classified as one of the best games for the IOS  system

2- Plants Vs Zombies | Tower Defense Game

firstly, This game suits all age groups.
Is a typical tower defense game. You are planting plants with unique repairs.
Each time you plant and get plants with strength you will kill more and more zombies

3- Air Control Lite

firstly, This is the best casual games without wifi or internet
It Is a drawing game Your first task is to land on airplanes and helicopters in special landing areas without a collision
You feel like a real killer
The planes come in from every direction and increase in numbers
The game in its design has beautiful scenery.
You have to work with all your efforts to achieve the highest results

4- Archery Master 3D

firstly, You feel like you are in a real simulation experience
With great designs and graphics and
You play by shooting the arrow at the target site then you earn points to buy things and upgrade the bow and arrow

5- Where’s My Water?

firstly, The gamer’s praised the games cartoonish nature, adorable visuals and crisp animation
And The player must draw a path on the dirt to allow the stored pool to pass until he can shower
There are many obstacles you will face from a rival crocodile

6- Jetpack Joyride

firstly, It’s a game you want to know that your whole body is moving with it
Of beautiful cartoon games
The goal of the game is to travel to the bottom of the game with collecting money and avoiding risks and obstacles

7- Angry Birds

firstly, This game is one of the most popular games
You play in a very attractive way to protect eggs from damage due to wear
This game impressed celebrities and a large audience playing inside

8- Cut the Rope

firstly, Your role within the game is to feed the candy to a small green creature
The candy is hanging with one rope or several ropes
You must have a player cut your finger by touching the screen
Many levels with each level change the difficulty and make you think more

9- Piano Tiles

firstly, The objective of this game is to click on the black tile which is in combination with the white tiles
When black tiles are exploited the music is created through the piano
From games that test the player’s speed, vision and responsiveness

10- Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D

firstly, If you like racing games this game is suitable for you
The three-dimensional design provides you with flying across the sky in the middle of the intense shooting of the enemy
Battlefield inspired by real battles make you addicted



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