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10 Social media sites list 2019

Social media sites list are more active than any other websites
Everyone look for ways to connect with each other
Now people find methods to socially active on the internet
Also people do not need for a personal handshake or face to face appointment
Statistics said that 2 billion users to social networking 

peekerscitech talked about social media plan and many topics in  information security
Now we will talk about social media sites list

Social media sites list



It is one of the biggest social media sites in the world
Facebook users reached to one billion and the first site can reach to the top in short time
There are also best facebook games and facebook apps to trade online
Here learn how to protect your account from hacker because there are hackers enter accounts without permission


Whatsapp account  exists as well as an independent
People prefer the instant messaging
It gave users a chance to contact with individuals and groups
Updates whatsapp was happened every months in real
There are many types of whatsapp list such as whatsapp web and other


IT is a social media platform and you can use instant messaging in it
It was launched to the first time in china
You can use to communicate with friends through texts and voice chats
Also it has a built in translator


It is a communications app to send a message and calling
Also it likes QQ
This app is very fun and useful


Tencent company was tried to develop this app
Also you can chat and share photos
And listen songs
In addition write blog and diaries
Also you can choose the look of your webpages


It is a platform for writing and follow things that you like
Also you can share anything such as multimedia
It consider micro blogging


It is a famous platform and depending on sharing photos and videos
Also you can capture the best memories on instagram
There is more choice on this app
Instagram help you to share your photos on other social media sites


In this app you can tweet with short text
Also you can reach your message to the world
Also shopping and enhance your business

9-Google +

This is one of the social media sites list
And you can share messages, videos and links
Also approve for video conferencing through hangouts
Also promote your business through Google +

10-Baidu Tieba

It is a search engine company
And depend on the keyword searches
Also you can create a social network group for many topics or specific topic by using the search






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