7 tips for taking better photos with your smartphone

how to get a good photo in android

to get Best Android telephone cameras of 2016  and Best camera applications for Android  just Jump tosection Preparation Photographic innovation Subject choice and plan Tipsand traps for cell phone photographs also  setting up your cell phone

Bring better pictures with these 7 simple cell phone photography tips.

camera tips
camera tips

1-Become acquainted with your camera. You have a cell phone with a camera, so utilize it! …

2-Draw near and fill the viewfinder. …

3-Keep in mind the lead of thirds. …

4-Get the correct light. …

5-Bring photographs with individuals. …

6-Keep the focal point clean. …

7-Utilize photograph altering instruments.

a good photo is a good photo in everywhere

to take a good photo must make those tips

7 tips
7 tips for taking better photos

1- best resolution and picture quality Before you get started with your smartphone camera, take a look at the settings.

2- set the focus manually For a successful image, a lotdepends on the right focus.

3- take multiple shots, sort them out later Instead ofrelying on the perfect snapshot, it’s better to take multiple snaps of yoursubject.

Nowadays, top-of-the-line smartphones offer a serial image function, whichallows the camera to take several photos in a series with just one press of the button.

4-two-handed use Fast snapshots often come to life in themidst of the deficiencies and dynamics of the moment, so they may be a bitshaky.

5- photograph from above If you want to take selfies orportrait photos of other people, you should keep the smartphone slightly higherwhen you take the pictures, so that the subject looks a bit upwards when youtake the photo.

6- play with the perspective A photo does not always haveto be straight on; we already have that perspective all day long.

7- use the flash only in an emergency If a strong exposureis not absolutely essential for the image, one should refrain from using theflash, because it seldom produces really beautiful images.

  • Roidpit galaxy note 4 comparison photos 2 Natural light is the best light for photos.

Unless you want to deform or unnaturally manipulate your photo into an artobject or something else other than a photo.

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