11 benefits of information security


The benefits of information security  are many and important in order for companies to obtain adequate security from any disasters that occur to them

Also Information security can give its customers the confidence to repel any hacking of their devices

Peekerscitech was talked about information security 

Therefore they are protected from internal or external attacks

benefits of information security

1- Information Security Payoffs

firstly, This feature helps to reduce the risk of attacks to companies but there is always a risk and it is difficult to get full security
and Companies can use network security to be able to protect systems for computers and networks
Information security also keeps on the secret data

2-Increased Profits

therefore , Any company needs to maintain its own networks, including security, to help it increase profits

3-Improved Productivity

Firstly, At work time the staff spends a lot of time watching social media sites
and You will see on our website some topics to social media and every new about technology
Information security improves productivity by preventing employees from accessing these sites

4-Enhanced Compliance

Monitoring real-time data flow helps companies comply with regulatory standards for penalties against any external hacking


5-The confidence we offer to the customer

Companies that know that their systems are protected are of course growing in confidence


6-Finding the Right Tool

therefore,you must  look for the needs of your clients

7-Know the digital assets that need protection

You have to know what you should protect from data and assets
Because it will bring you better results on your property

8-Current Security Level

Make sure the security controls work with each other to provide you with the best protection

9-Priority for your customers

For your customers, understand the first source of profitability and you must protect them adequately and protect all their data

10-Assess Risk Liability

firstly, Information security should assess the responsibility they can provide because at times data corruption occurs
Or theft or loss data
and Some companies can tolerate long periods of lost productivity or service interruption
finally, The company must keep to data without any hacking

11-Understand developments

also Increasing the number of customers will require more security from all sides
And keep up with any development


Benefit of implement an information security management system (ISMS)

Firstly : what are benefits of implement an information security management system :

It is an important and central framework for maintaining a secure institution

A number of technical and material controls to protect the confidentiality and availability of information integrity

You can divide the information you are trying to protect, either on a specific area or the entire location

It also includes the most common additional risks related to individuals, assets and operations

they take care the internal and external risks and all risks are analysed and evaluated against a set of predetermined criteria

It is also a framework that helps you make appropriate decisions about the risks

and depend on supporting and sharing from entire business

also including this system Information security standards

Benefits of ISMS 

1-An ISMS gives protecting all forms of information-involving digital, paper based, intellect and property company secrets

2-it furnishes resilience to cyber attacks

3-it offers centrally managed framework

4-then protecting your entire organisation from technology based risks and other

5-it helps responding to evolving security threats

6-also provides a set of polices procedures, technical and physical controls to protect

7-it considers a way to put a system for whole company And not just information technology

8-it reduces costs associated with information security







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