11 PUBG Mobile tricks you must know it

This game is the most popular in the world and we will discuss about PUBG Mobile tricks

and there are many people playing it either in cafes or houses and streets is a very fun game
Peekerscitech was talked about best types of android games
Such as puzzle games and strategy games

PUBG Mobile tricks

1-PUBG Parachute

The first seconds in the game are very important. If you are a beginner you have to move a less intense area
Stay away from any large range of buildings
You will still find the main loots and guns
You must start with places like Gatka

2-Avoid first contact

Do not go into the fighting early if you land and you hear someone in the area go away
Give yourself a chance to take up arms

3-Focusing on other players

When you discover a new area, keep your eyes open and fully focused
If you hide in the middle of the buildings do not leave the doors open it is possible to enter a person easily
And that also helps you in killing the bumper

4- Make the gun raised

At the beginning of the game you have to focus carefully on the gun to be raised
Although it is not a powerful but very useful weapon at the beginning of your game
You attack places and chase the players do not reduce your gun

5-do not forget changing the Armor

You should wear armor and take part in the fighting and you are wearing it
It should also be changed when needed and changed from level to level

6-take your time

PUBG Mobile tricks

You have to play smartly and take your time in choosing the weapon and then attack the battles

7-Don’t run in a straight

Use a random pattern that is not straight
It will take time but your death is less and less slow

8-Use headphones

Through your playing, you will face a lot voice
Therefore we advise using headphones in order to voice chat and other alerts
A lot of voice will lose your focus

9-be careful of the red zone

Leave yourself in a safe area away from the red zone
You should run slowly when you find the dangerous area

10-Use the edge of blue circle

You can target others and you are in this area
It is a safe area for you as a player in the game

11-Try to sprint without weapon

If you are running or running away from combat
Try to put your weapons
This action increases your running speed




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