17 Social media sites list

We need to know more about social media sites list
There are many social media site you must to test it

such as youtube , nexrdoor  and others
Peekerscitech talked about social media plan and many topics in social networking

Social media sites 


This platform spreads in US and consider a private social media site
It allows users to connect with people in their area


It is a travel social media sites
And provide to users the ability to discover where to go
And meeting between like minded people


You can reach easily from any android smartphones
Also you can connect with people and create avatars
Also play games


It is the largest of social media site
You can download and share videos
Also you can create a youtube channel
Also you have a chance to showcase the recorded videos to their friends


This site is depended on a short video sharing
The members can share videos that are six seconds long


It gives a chance for users to connect with friends
Also you can download their yearbook from their school


It supports more than 42 languages
Also you can create family trees and upload their photo and browse them
Also you could be used by people


It is an online business and help people for your business
Also help businessman to connect with one another
It is impossible in different languages


This platform is a professional social media site
It is similar to linkedin in features
Also the main users in Switzerland , Austria and Germany
And follow up a closed group discussions among the members of certain company or business

10-live journal

This platform is located in Russia
You can keep a diary ,blog or journal


It is a big social media site to find friends
Now it became a social gaming network for game lovers

12-funny or die

This platform is aimed at bringing the funniest videos from web
The famous users can share and upload and rate videos

13-Gaia online

It is depended on a social networking
It allows users reach to avatars , virtual world and games

14-we heart it

It is main for sharing photo and provides 20 languages
And allow the users to share inspirational images with friends


It is also famous photo sharing website
and It supports to upload huge high quality image
It is also strong service for managing photos


The main target for this site that find new friends and chat with them
This sites spread between teens ans young students


It is a main system for micro blogging
Also it allows to share videos
And you can share videos that are 15 seconds long





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