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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Launched – iOS 10, Quad Core, 3 GB RAM, Dual 12 MP camera

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Launched – iOS 10, Quad Core, 3 GB RAM, Dual 12 MP camera


apple iPhone 7 continue releasing it’s newest iPhone to the market. This time it comes with iPhone 7 Plus. This is the exact replica of Apple iPhone 7 with some increased features. This too haven’t released in the Indian market, but started sale in USA. It will start sale by end of september, 2016 in India. As I said, it is a replica of Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus consists of all it’s advanced features like Powerful chipset, Retina HD Display which gives you the brightest display ever, best ever battery(just told at iPhone launch). These are some of the new features of Apple iPhone 7 Plus. So, check t’s complete features, advantages, disadvantages, price & specifications.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a locked phone



The biggest advantage with locked phones is that they’remore affordable initially to the consumer. Locked phones are usually provided free or at low cost to entice people to sign a contract with a phone company.
Once signed, the company is ensured a steady income
for the duration of the contract which is highly valued by companies. For companies, steady and stable income is much better than unstable income that tends to fluctuate all the time.
The consumer benefits because they’re able to get a much better phone than would hav
e been possible if they had to pay the full price right away. There’s no need to have any or a lot of money beforehand. The company will basically lent you the money and you pay them back as you continue to use their service.


With locked phones, cellphone companies run the risk that peopliphone7dimene manage to unlock the phones on their own and switch service. If that happens a lot, companies can lose a lot of money on phones that are not being used on their own, but on another network from a rival cellphone company.
From the standpoint of the consumer, locked phones can be cheaper in the short run, but more expensive in the long run. Since you’re often on a contract, you’re stuck with a cellphone com
pany for the duration of the contract with any potential problems that come with it.
That means you can’t easily take advantage of cheaper alternatives when they become available. Companies don’t have to worry too much about keeping you satisfied with good customer service and so on because they know that you cannot easily switch to a rival company.

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Thickness(mm):            0.2mm
Transparency:                  >96 %
Hardness:                           9 H
Anti UV/Anti Blue Ray:    >70 %
Storage validity:                 25 ± 5°C, 65% RH 
Temperature Range:       -20 ~ 80 °C
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