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How Amazon’s Alexa Won CES 2017

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Amazon’s Alexa Won’t Be Great Until It Gets This Feature

Amazon's Alexa Won't Be Great Until It Gets This Feature

– If Amazon’s Alexa was the finished product, I’d write it off.I couldn’t honestly recommend a virtual assistant that can’t even tell me how much protein is in two eggs.Or a device that can’t separate out items on a shopping list that I’ve just dictated.

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How Amazon’s Alexa Won CES 2017

How Amazon's Alexa Won CES 2017

– 1:42A London Couple’s Radical RemodelFor Maya Carni and Ran Ankory, the remodel of a 19th-century Victorian home was not about destroying the home but preserving it.The couple and their two sons now live in the newly renovated space.Photo: Vanessa Berberian for The Wall Street Journal

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