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“apple insider” state : Security concerns force President Trump to ditch Android phone

Trump uses his Android phone to tweet, and he tweets a lot.
According to The New York Times, trump is now using a more secure, encrypted handset that was approved by the Secret Service.
Donald trump has given up his beloved Android phone ahead of today’s inauguration, the Associated Press reports, though it is unclear what type of device he will use in the White House.
He also has a different phone number, the Times reports, citing people close to the president-elect.
The Times reported this week that only a small group of people will have the number for Trump’s new phone, though it is unclear whether his Android phone will be physically confiscated.

Security concerns force President Trump to ditch Android phone

Incoming U.S. President Donald Trump has reportedly had to switch from his old Android phone to a new device, potentially a modified Apple iPhone.
trump turned in his previous phone after arriving in Washington, D.C. on Thursday in preparation for Friday’s inauguration, the Associated Press said.
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He or his staff have posted from an iPhone in the past.While it is possible to lock down an Android phone —by enabling full-disk encryption, using secure services, disabling riskier features, or even writing a customized version of Android —an iPhone is often a simpler option.
He was under pressure from security agencies to do so, given the potential threats posed by hackers gaining access.While Trump’s new device is unknown, it could be an iPhone if he follows in the steps of his predecessor.
Trump trades in Android phone for Secret Service-approved device

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