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“developers” said : Samsung Discloses Issues with Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

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samsung Details Issues with Galaxy Note 7 Batteries, Phone Itself Not to BlameThe battery caused the battery explosion.
Field tests and disassembling procedures suggested that the issues with batteries from company A came from a combination of assembly and manufacturing issues, as well as issues with the battery design itself.
First, production quality issues included missing insulation tape which increased the incidence rates of battery short circuit.
Today, samsung finally disclosed the results of its intensive investigations on the battery defects that lead to thermal failure of multiple Galaxy Note 7 devices across the globe.
The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled on September 2, only two weeks after its initial release.

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Samsung Blames Batteries for Galaxy Note 7 Fires

Samsung Blames Batteries for Galaxy Note 7 Fires

samsung is blaming poorly designed and manufactured batteries for the overheating problems that caused some its Galaxy Note 7 phones to catch fire.
To meet those needs, new designs and manufacturing technology were used by the battery suppliers.
samsung said Monday that 96 percent of about 3 million Note 7 devices have been returned.
But samsung did acknowledge that it may have asked too much of its battery suppliers.
Problems with the Note 7 emerged immediately after its launch in August, with several reports of phones catching fire.

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Samsung Pins Blame On Batteries For Galaxy Note 7 Fires : The Two-Way : NPR

At the time the B batteries didn’t exhibit the problems that A batteries did, but in retrospect the B batteries had a different issue.”
samsung Pins Blame On Batteries For Galaxy Note 7 FiresEnlarge this image toggle caption Andrew Zuis/Andrew Zuis via AP Andrew Zuis/Andrew Zuis via APsamsung announced the results of a months-long investigation into why its Galaxy Note 7 phones spontaneously caught fire last summer, pinning the blame on faulty batteries.
“We are very sorry to the consumers for not having vetted the B batteries thoroughly.
Both companies that supplied batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 had separate issues leading to the fires, samsung says, in part due to the rush to replace the originally exploding phones with new ones.
It is set to release the Galaxy S8 device, the closest competitor to the Apple iPhone, in the coming months.

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