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Network World declare : Apple to roll out “enhanced” version of Siri on next-gen iPhone

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Meanwhile, market sources have also indicated that Apple’s next-generation iPhone devices are likely to come with enhanced Siri.
Ahead of the iPhone 8 launch later this year, a new report from Digitimes relays that Apple is currently working on a more “enhanced” version of Siri that may take advantage of Apple’s ongoing research in the field of machine learning.
Incidentally, a popular video from noted hardware reviewer Marques Brownlee recently highlighted the performance differences between Siri and Google Assistant.
… Apple acquired Australia-based machine learning startup Turi in August 2016, aiming to further strengthen the functionality, as well as the market share, of its Siri intelligent personal assistant.
As a quick point of interest, Viv Labs is led by Dag Kittlaus who helped co-found Siri.

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A California man has launched a class-action lawsuit against Apple for failing to introduce an iPhone safety feature that would prevent people from texting while driving.
Apple sued for not adding safety fix to prevent use of FaceTime while driving Read more“The driver slammed into Julio’s vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle, and injuring Ceja’s back.
Julio Ceja, from Orange County in California, was rear-ended by a driver who was allegedly distracted while using her phone.
In that instance, a couple sued the iPhone maker after a driver, allegedly using FaceTime, collided with their car, resulting in the death of their five-year-old daughter.
The patent filing acknowledges the dangers of distracted driving and highlights how hard it is for law enforcement to police.
Apple sued for not using iPhone safety fix it patented to stop distracted driving

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Apple iPhone 8 Won’t Be Enough to Fix Apple’s Business, Says Barclays

But there’s one problem: he doesn’t think those to make a dent in Apple’s business over the next year.
According to Moskowitz, the Street generally believes the iPhone 8 could be a boon for Apple’s business and boost year-over-year iPhone shipments by more than 10%.
opportunities to emerge as major needle movers over the next 12 months for Apple’s model,” wrote Moskowitz.
He added that Apple’s growth could also come from appealing more to corporate customers and artificial intelligence.
Apple’s next iPhone won’t have the kind of impact on the company’s business some hope it might, one analyst told investors in a research note on Tuesday.
Apple iPhone 8 Won't Be Enough to Fix Apple's Business, Says Barclays

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