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“Android Central” state : How to clear your Google Play search history

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As it stated in

And when it comes to cleaning our Google Play search history, things are blissfully simple.
Now, notice that the setting we used only clears Google Play Search history on the local device.
If you want to clear search history from more than one device, you’ll need to visit your My Activity page in Google and delete the searches individually.
Open Google Play.
We may need to cover our tracks after searching for certain kinds of apps) on Google Play.

Google Play Services gets Instant Tethering mobile hotspot feature

Several reports on the web state that this feature is part of Google Play Services 10.2.
Google Play Services is now getting a new feature today as part of a server-side update.
Besides, Instant Tethering will now allow more than one Android device that shares one Google account to be connected with each other.
In that case, the Android device without any cellular functionality can quickly connect to the smartphone‘s data connection.
As such, the update is bringing a new feature called Instant Tethering, and it has been revealed that it will now make it much easier to connect to a device with a mobile hotspot.
Google Play Services gets Instant Tethering mobile hotspot feature

As it stated in

In other words, just because you have Google Play Services 10.2, that doesn’t mean that you have Instant Tethering — Google might need to enable the feature on its side.
Google is hoping to fix that, however, and will roll out a new feature in Google Play Services 10.2 that’s designed to make tethering much easier.
Instant Tethering will work on Android Marshmallow, and phones will be able to tether with each other.
We expect that Instant Tethering will be available on more devices as time goes on, but we don’t have official confirmation on that just yet.
The feature itself is called “Instant Tethering,” and as the name suggests, it basically links up devices connected to your Google account, making it easier to stay online if your wireless connection drops.

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