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“BGR” state : Donald Trump still uses his unsecured Android phone – BGR

“The main problem is if someone hacks his unsecured Android phone, then they can always locate where the phone is and in all likelihood where he is.
It was widely assumed at that time that Trump would give up his Android phone, reportedly a samsung Galaxy S model.
“Hackers can pose like him on any device and that’s more about his Twitter security, not the phone security,” Entner explained.
Whatever trump is doing with the old Android phone is certainly intentional, said Avivah Litan, a security analyst at Gartner.
However, Entner said it is possible some hacker or group could pose as President trump using his @realDonaldtrump handle.

Donald Trump still uses his unsecured Android phone – BGR

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 26, 2017To conclude, it would appear that, just like Trump, his Android phone might be old and insecure.
A few days ago, we learned that Donald trump had to abandon his Android phone for a more secure device that fits his new office.
That’s quite a security risk given that Android is a constant target for malware makers and that some governments out there would be inclined to use Android malware against their opponents.
How old is his Android phone?
According to Gizmodo, Trump’s personal Android phone has been identified to be a Galaxy S3, which was believed to be his primary tweeting device.
If Donald Trump is really still using his unsecured Android phone to tweet, that’s terrible news for national security

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