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“the standard” said : Huawei Mate 9: Fast is an understatement

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The Huawei Mate 9 is now available at P31,990, while the GR5 retails at only P13,990.
A phone that is born fast, yet stays fast, the Mate 9 becomes more efficient and adaptive to everyday utilization with longer use.
SPEED is the name of the game, and for Huawei’s new Mate 9, fast is an understatement.
The Mate 9 defies every business phone’s downside of losing their speed over time, which could result to the sacrifice of its responsiveness and momentum.
The smartphone giant elevated the business phone competition a notch higher with a smartphone that becomes faster and more intelligent through time, boasting of long battery life and bannering the resurgence of the dual camera–the Huawei Mate 9.

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Huawei Mate 9 giveaway: We have a winner!

Huawei Mate 9 giveaway: We have a winner!

The winner is: Suhas S.The giveaway is over and we have a winner.
Over 13,500 people signed up for the giveaway, totaling up to 78,000 actions.
Stay tuned and stay awesome!
What a nice start of the week for our lucky guy from India who will soon receive his shiny new Space Grey Huawei Mate 9, shipped directly by Huawei.
Don’t lose hope, there will be more giveaways soon.

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Review: Huawei plays

Huawei Honor 6XAs you might expect from a phone with scaled-back hardware, the Honor 6X doesn’t benchmark particularly well.
The Honor 6X is 6 x 3 in., just a touch bigger than the samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and 0.2 oz.
Rather than running the latest Huawei EMUI on the latest Android, the Honor 6X runs EMUI 4.1 based on Android 6.0.
But here’s why to consider the Honor 6X: It costs $250 unlocked.
Yet that’s just what Huawei is doing with the Mate 9 and Honor 6X, two phones that represent good-to-excellent value but would otherwise not set the world on fire.

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