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“Trusted reviews” said : Samsung working on new ‘Pro’ level fitness tracker

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The company is looking to fill a gap left by its delayed samsung Galaxy S8 handset, with the samsung Galaxy Tab S3 also tipped to make an appearance.
WATCH: Wearables & Fitness Buying GuideWould you want a pro grade fitness tracker?
The news comes courtesy of a recent trademark filing that has seen samsung apply to secure naming rights to an upcoming device dubbed the Samsung Gear Fit Pro.
The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a solid fitness tracker for those who want smart skills without having to give up their traditional analogue watches.
Unfortunately, the device’s name is as far as the information goes on the Samsung Gear Fit Pro right now, with no specs, features or design details outlined alongside the device’s name.

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A review of my new Samsung curved TV: I hate it so much

A review of my new Samsung curved TV: I hate it so much

That is the Samsung curved TV he brought home from Walmart.
It was a curved Samsung.
A gamble which I fully supported at the time, and only question when he justifies a purchase by telling me “it was the prettiest.”So, this Samsung television.
This television makes me hiss in angerDo you enjoy watching TV in a room with literally any light, natural or otherwise?
The screen is curved, which means that it picks up and seemingly magnifies every glimmer of light in the room.

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Samsung says batteries caused Note 7 fires, may delay new phone launch

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters reselling some Note 7s as refurbished phones was an option.
SHORT CIRCUITSInvestigations by internal and independent experts ruled out problems with the Note 7‘s hardware and software.
Samsung’s reputation took a hammering after it announced a recall of fire-prone Note 7s, only for reports to emerge that replacement devices also caught fire.
“Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”
Samsung Electronics shares ended up 2.3 percent in a flat wider market.

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