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Donald Trump has surrendered his Android phone quoting : www.theverge.com

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He exchanged his personal phone for a Blackberry — and later an iPhone — that had additional security measures.
Donald Trump has reportedly given up his Android smartphone before he is sworn in as president on Friday.
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Trump, who is known for answering his cellphone no matter who it is, told a friend Thursday he had given up the phone, the Associated Press reported .

Report: Trump gives up his Android phone

Trump doesn’t use email, but he does use his Android phone to tweet.
According to The New York Times, trump is now using a more secure, encrypted handset that was approved by the Secret Service.
Donald trump has given up his beloved Android phone ahead of today’s inauguration, the Associated Press reports, though it is unclear what type of device he will use in the White House.
He also has a different phone number, the Times reports, citing people close to the president-elect.
The Times reported this week that only a small group of people will have the number for Trump’s new phone, though it is unclear whether his Android phone will be physically confiscated.
Report: Trump gives up his Android phone

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Big league change: Donald Trump substitutes his Android phone for a super-secure device

konets * of Trump‘s prolific However, does this change spell the* of Trump’s prolific Twitter presence ?
As far as we know, that one was a super-safe custom Galaxy S4, heavily modified as per the security protocols.
Does this change spell the “konets” of Trump’s prolific Twitter presence?
However, the Galaxy S4 was one of the very few device eligible to tap into SIPRNet, the US Military’s extremely-classified network, at the time.
Associated Press reports that trump has complained to a close friend of his about that necessary change, though it is not clear what his new phone is.

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