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“PC Magazine” said : Pokemon Duel (for iPad) Review & Rating

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Pokemon DistractionPokemon Duel brings The Pokemon Company’s polish and the massive Pokemon name to a fairly direct gachapon-style mobile game.
The logic is the same for Pokemon Duel, only you’re facing off against other players with a team of Pokemon figurines in uniform matches.
I tested Pokemon Duel on an Apple iPad Air 2.
Mostly Multiplayer MatchesThere isn’t a lot of meat in Pokemon Duel in terms of a narrative or structured single-player campaign.
It wasn’t the first Pokemon mobile game, however, and it isn’t the last.

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How to Evolve in Pokemon Duel

See Pokemon Duel tips and Things Pokemon Duel Doesn’t Tell You for more on Pokemon Duel.
Pokemon Duel doesn’t treat evolved Pokemon like other Pokemon games.
That’s right, Pokemon that evolve in Pokemon Duel get a 10 damage bonus for all attacks and an extra star for Purple attacks.
There is a way to evolve a Pokemon Figure in the middle of a match in Pokemon Duel, but you must set it up to do so in your Deck beforehand.
Now, when you go into a battle and Knock Out another Pokemon, you can choose for your Pokemon to evolve into the set figure.

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Pokemon Duel Is Too Complicated To Succeed

But the crucial difference between Pokemon Duel and Ninja Spinki Challenges is that the latter is playable from the moment of install.
Why Pokemon Duel Needs WorkPokemon Duel is a mobile version of a board game.
GameSpot went slightly further and questioned why Pokemon Duel existed at all.
Ninja Spinki Challenges is everything that Pokemon Duel is not.
The App Quality Imperative Creating Apps that Win – 5 Challenges and 5 Solutions Get It NowThe simple nature of Pokemon Go makes this week’s unheralded release of Pokemon Duel a little hard to fathom.


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