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“Digital Trends” state : This Is How Google Keeps Your Android Phone Malware-Free

The Move to iOS app will also suggest that you download the iOS versions of the Android apps you had installed, assuming there is an iPhone equivalent.
Get Ready For Your New iPhoneMove to iOS AppApple took some of the hassle out of moving from Android to iOS by launching an Android app called Move to iOS (pictured below).
After 10 years, the iPhone still beckons, and now that the large-screened iPhone Pluses are readily available, it’s all the more tempting to switch.
If you sign up on the Spotify website, though, you can just download the Spotify app and sign in with your Spotify Premium credentials.
Note that Move to iOS only works when setting up an iPhone for the first time—it’s not for transfers to an already operating iPhone.

This Is How Google Keeps Your Android Phone Malware-Free

More: Don’t worry if you lose your connection — Google for Android will save your searchesSo how does Google combat that?
In fact, the company has detailed exactly how it keeps malware away from the Google Play Store and Android, even when that malware tries to fight back.
According to Google, every single Android app gets scanned for viruses, malware, and other code that could be harmful to users.
Why it matters to you Android phones are highly susceptible to malware and Google goes to great lengths to keep you and your data safe from hackers.
Thankfully, however, Google’s engineers work around the clock to ensure that Android remains as malware-free as possible.
How to Tell if Your Android Phone Has Been Hacked

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