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“NPR” : Even Without A Headphone Jack, iPhone 7 Boosts Apple’s Sales

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Even Without A Headphone Jack, iphone 7 Boosts Apple’s SalesEnlarge this image toggle caption Stephen Lam/Getty Images Stephen Lam/Getty ImagesIt was a dramatic market entry for the iphone 7 last year.
Apple sold 78 million iPhones over the holiday season.
Many Apple customers grumbled when Apple took away the headphone jack and gave everyone an adapter to plug earbuds into the Lightning, or charging, connector.
Along with the increased iphone sales, it’s also bringing in more revenue from its app store, iTunes and cloud services.
Having more of that money here locally to do that would be one way to spend that money,” he says.

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Apple’s iPhone As We Know It Won’t Be Saved (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Apple's iPhone As We Know It Won't Be Saved (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Future Of The iPhone And Sales NumbersStill, the iPhone market may not last much longer — at least not in the form consumers are used to.
“The iPhone as we know it as glass and aluminum in your pocket will likely go away,” Munster said.
Olson said the strength of December sales indicates a lack of awareness among consumers about the 10th anniversary iPhone release.
iPhone Sales NumbersMunster, who recently left Piper Jaffray to launch Loup Ventures (a tech-focused venture capital firm), noted the strong iPhone sales figure (78,290 in the quarter, better than estimates) is “a huge sigh of relief that the iPhone franchise is intact.”And the relief isn’t just about the numbers reported Tuesday, but about what they mean for future sales.
“They may have another product called the iPhone but it will be eventually some form of a wearable, and that’s the big focus.

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New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s Boring Breakthrough

New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple's Boring Breakthrough

And then there is the display, Apple is expected to move to an OLED display for this year’s flagship release.
The biggest visual change will be a curved screen that uses OLED technology for the first time in an iPhone.
The iPhone 8’s competition will have the same screen technology, and in some cases will have put it on sale five months before Apple.
This Bulletproof Iphone Could Save Your LifeThis year’s flagship smartphone from Apple is expected to introduce a number of new technologies.
Which means that the iPhone 8’s underlying visual technology is going to be rather familiar to the competition.

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