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“campaignlive” declare : Justin Long defects from Apple to Huawei for U.S. invasion

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As it stated in

And while it does not have the same brand pedigree as an Apple or Samsung smartphone you will not be let down by this device.
Their brand-new Huawei Mate 9, which goes on sale next week at JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Vodafone and Optus has what it takes to earn pedigree points.
This not only protects the corners of the device it stops the device easily slipping out of a pocket.
A unique Huawei algorithm, allows the device to learn a user’s habits and allocates its processing resources accordingly.
However, I am assured by Huawei executives that one can also unlock the device when mounted by entering a security code.
Finally Huawei Has A Device That Seriously Takes It Up To Apple + Samsung

As it stated in

Can Huawei Catch Apple and Samsung?

“It’s almost on par with what Samsung or Apple has done.” That eventually allowed Huawei to sell phones in Western markets that Samsung and Apple had dominated, without cowering from IP litigation.
Huawei told Fortune it wouldn’t comment on “confidential business arrangements with customers.” Huawei network customers Vodafone, T-Mobile (of Germany), and Orange (France) also declined to comment.
Not coincidentally, Huawei smartphones are a virtual nonentity in the U.S., capturing less than 0.4% of the market.
And with success in the U.S. a distant possibility at best, it may also be a glimpse of the fast-lane innovations Huawei will need if it’s ever going to catch Samsung and Apple.
Huawei’s own employees brought Samsung and Apple phones to work.
Can Huawei Catch Apple and Samsung?

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