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Samsung’s huge washing machine recall

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Perch, makers of the clever do-it-yourself home monitoring software that repurposes old smartphones as security cameras, announced it has been acquired by Samsung Electronics yesterday.
It’s not yet clear if Perch will continue to only work on the software side of things at Samsung, but it seems likely that Samsung will be looking at using Perch software in its own range of IoT products.
Perch’s unique software solution to the issue of home monitoring allowed you to turn old phones, tablets, webcams and more into home monitoring cameras.
Perch actually emerged out of the Samsung Accelerator program (now called Samsung Next) a few years ago, so the move makes a lot of sense.
Perch notes that the shift to Samsung means the company “will no longer be able to support the Perch home monitoring service in its current form.” Perch’s beta app will be removed from the Google Play Store on February 17 and all recorded data will be deleted.

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Samsung washer repair floods woman’s home

HOUSTON – Samsung‘s huge washing machine recall has millions of customers stuck with washers that don’t work as they were advertised.
Samsung scheduled Strong’s next repair appointment with a technician from a North Texas company called National In-Home Service and Installation or NISI.
Even if Dish had made the repair, consumers say it doesn’t actually fix the machine.
Sandy Strong scheduled a repair on Samsung’s recall website in November, just as the company asked owners to do.
Samsung says after the so-called repair, customers can only wash heavy loads like bedding on the delicate cycle.
Samsung washer repair floods woman's home

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