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Apple Breaks miss out lines, as Sales of iPhone 7 Shine

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Sales of the new smartphone model, which Apple unveiled in September, propelled total iphone shipments 5% higher to a record during the three months through December.
Apple Inc. snapped out of three straight quarters of falling revenue as strong demand for the iphone 7 raised investors’ hopes that the technology giant is emerging from its roughest period since it reinvented the market for mobile devices.
iPhones, which account for…

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No, the Apple Watch isn’t going to be the next iPhone

No, the Apple Watch isn't going to be the next iPhone

Read MoreApple doesn’t break out numbers for the Apple Watch, which is still listed under ‘other products’ along with Beats headphones, Apple TV, and the iPod.
It’s therefore impossible to gauge Apple Watch revenues accurately — one estimate put it at $6bn in its first year.
iPhone running companion: Can the Samsung Gear S3 beat the Apple Watch Series 2?
The Apple Watch will be part of a constellation of connected objects that we carry around.
So does that mean the Apple Watch is about to become as big as the iPhone?

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Apple breaks iPhone sales record

Sprint buys one-third of Tidal, Samsung will keep the Note brandToday in tech headlines, Sprint buys a third of Tidal, Google makes its first update to its Voice service in a while and…

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