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Because of its social messaging app, Snapchat, and large valuation, the company SNAP, +0.00% has drawn comparisons to the IPOs of Facebook and Twitter.
At the time it went public, Facebook was about 8 years old.
• Twitter reported third-quarter revenue of $616 million in 2016, up from $602 million in the previous quarter.
Net income• Facebook reported net income of $4.57 billion in the fourth quarter, up from $3.12 billion in the third quarter.
In the quarter before it went public, Facebook recorded total revenue of $1.06 billion and revenue per user of $1.21.

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How Snap compares with Facebook and Twitter when they went public

Snapchat filed its IPO paperwork with the Security and Exchange Commission today, inching one step closer to its upcoming IPO.
Facebook held its IPO on May 18, 2012, while Twitter had theirs on Nov. 7, 2013.
We took at look at Facebook’s and Twitter’s latest S-1 filings to see how the three social media companies’ financials and users compared.
Previous reports have valued the company at up to $25 billion, mostly on its ability to reach the advertiser-coveted millennial and Gen Z generation.
How Snap compares with Facebook and Twitter when they went public

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