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Pokémon Duel is a slick digital board game for your mobile

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Now you can add strategic digital board game to that ever-growing list with today’s release of Pokémon Duel.
Duel is a free-to-play title on both iOS and Android, and it’s one of those games that seems really simple at first, but offers a surprising amount of depth and complexity once you get into.
The goal is to get one of your pieces onto the goal on your opponent’s side of the board.
Pokémon Duel is a free game, so in order to get more Pokémon you’ll need to get booster packs, which require gems that you can either earn in-game or buy with real cash.
It’s a long-running portable RPG series, a collectible card game, a safari simulator, and the biggest augmented reality sensation to date.

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Nintendo reports $569M profit as Pokémon game sales get off to good start


Nintendo reported a 64.7 billion JPY ($569 million) profit on revenue of 174.3 billion JPY ($1.5 billion).
That’s down 75 percent year-on-year, with game sales also down 45 percent to reach 12.48 million.
That in turn drove hardware sales, Nintendo said, particularly overseas — Nintendo 3DS sales came in at 6.45 million, up 10 percent year-on-year, with the number of titles sold jumping 20 percent to hit 46.78 million.
The firm spotlighted its Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon titles for the 3DS, which it said have clocked a combined 14.69 million in sales since launch in November.
Revenue was down 22 percent year-on-year, but Nintendo beat analysts expectations and it has raised expected profit for its annual financial report — due in May — to 90 billion JPY ($791 million) from 50 billion JPY ($440 million).

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Play a fan-made Pokémon game in Minecraft without modding

Play a fan-made Pokémon game in Minecraft without modding

Minecraft users have been recreating Pokémon in the block-building game for years, but the latest attempt doesn’t require you to mod the game at all.
All you need is the base, vanilla Minecraft version 1.8.8, and you’re ready to download the map and play it.
If you’re interested in playing Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst for yourself, the video below from the developer details everything about how to download and play the Minecraft map—you can download the map here.
The Pokémon-themed Minecraft map has been in development for about a year and a half, and while it claims to recreate the original Pokémon game from 1996, it adds a new region, unique stories, and 136 new Pokémon, mixing creatures like Giratina and Arceus with the originals.
You can see in the video above that battles play out similarly to the ones you’d find on Nintendo’s handheld adventures.

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