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The Pokémon Company making a device will help players “safely” play

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In an interview with Nikkei, The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunakazu Ishihara talked about making a device that will help players “safely” play Pokémon GO.
Now, we have these comments that The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are trying to build some new device to make it even “safer.”This device has me stumped.
What sort of safer-yet-still-enjoyable experience could a device really produce for GO?
Holding back Gen 2 until some non-existent mystery device is developer, produced and sold would be suicide for the game.
How is Pokémon GO Plus not already the “safest” way to play the game in its current form?

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it we expect a new Pokémon GO event.
There’s something vaguely Valentines-ish about it, with its gently wafting pink cloud, and that’s enough for me to think it would make a good addition to a Valentine’s event.
Increasing spawn rates for certain groups of Pokémon is a good way to give an event a distinct feeling, and there are still some options for Valentine’s Day.
Lovely Pokémon: Again, we mirror the Halloween event here.
Here, however, are three other things Pokémon GO could bring to the table for a Valentine’s day event:Increased buddy rewards: Because the love between a trainer and their buddy, while not (hopefully) romantic, deserves to be celebrated as well.
3 Things 'Pokémon GO' Could Do For A Valentine's Day Event

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What ‘Pokémon GO’ Should And Shouldn’t Learn From ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

The other two are Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, but out of all of those, only two share much in common.
I think there are aspects of Fire Emblem heroes that Pokémon GO may want to adopt, and ones that it certainly should not.
I’ve gotten pretty hooked on Fire Emblem Heroes.
Should:This last point may be relatively minor, but Fire Emblem Heroes comes with an inborn “friend” system and that’s some Pokémon GO could really use.
It’s gotten me thinking about what, if anything, Pokémon GO could or should learn from the game, even though Fire Emblem is not likely to reach its stratospheric levels of success.
What 'Pokémon GO' Should And Shouldn't Learn From 'Fire Emblem Heroes'

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