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Pokemon Duel features: Still Figure-ine It Out

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Pokemon Co-master arrived in the west a few weeks ago as Pokemon Duel, a strategic take on mobile Pokemon battles.
Pokemon Duel The Pokemon Company 6.5 There’s a good strategy game at the heart of Pokemon Duel, but it’s unfortunately bogged down with microtransactions, a busy UI, loading screens, shallow tutorials, and a weird storyline about winning a skyscraper.
Originally known as Pokemon Co-master in Japan, Pokemon Duel is a strategic Pokemon battling game using figurines on a square board and a spin wheel to determine attacks.
Though intricate and certainly distinct from The Pokemon Company’s other mobile offerings, I’m not sure that Pokemon Duel has the legs it needs to become a staple like its predecessors.
For now, my fear is that Pokemon Duel will languish forgotten under far better mobile strategy game competitors.

Pokemon Duel Guide To Evolving

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Here’s a Pokemon Duel guide on how to evolve Pokemon.
Pokemon Duel Guide On How To Evolve PokemonOne of the most important mechanics of every Pokemon game is evolution.
Pokemon Duel didn’t have quite the popularity that Pokemon GO had.
Take a look at the following Pokemon Duel Guide on how to evolve mid-battle.
Customize DeckHere is a Pokemon Duel guide on how to customize the lineup in the game.




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Pokemon Duel Guide

Check out out other Pokemon Duel guides for more tips and strategies…Pokemon Duel is available now on mobile devices.
Coins are a currency used in Pokemon Duel primarily to pay for Pokemon Figure Fusion.
Pokemon Duel has a surprisingly complicated economy, but players should be able to rake in plenty of coins for Figure Fusion by following the steps in this guide.
Have you been stocking up coins in Pokemon Duel?
Pokemon Duel doesn’t require players to spend any real-world money to play the game, but like most mobile games with micro-transactions (including its distant cousin Pokemon GO), the game does require some serious resource management.
Pokemon Duel Guide

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