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donald Trump’s Facebook page shared a fake news story

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Kuwait News Agency said the article Trump shared on Facebook was fake newsAre we living in Nazi Germany?
It is not clear if the president shared the article himself or if it was posted by someone on his staff.
: President Trump’s official Facebook page shared this false Albawaba story ThursdayTh Kuwait visa story trump shared has been denounced as false by multiple governmentsThe false report says Kuwait will ban citizens from five Muslim majority countries from obtaining visas.
It has not yet been removed from Trump’s official Facebook page though it has been proven fake.
When trump first shared the article, Russia state media Sputnik News posted the information writing ‘Kuwait has ripped a page from the playbook of U.S. President Donald Trump.’

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Facebook has launched a campaign to crack down on fake news in France, ahead of the country’s presidential election later this year.
As Reuters reports, the social network announced on Monday that it will work with eight French media companies to fact-check and filter news articles that have been reported by users.
Some French media outlets have already their launched their own initiatives to combat fake news.
Some media companies were reluctant to sign on to Facebook’s campaignIn addition to Le Monde, Facebook’s French partners include Agence France-Presse (AFP), BFM-TV, Franceinfo, France Médias Monde, L’Express, Libération, and 20 Minutes.
Advertising against the article will also be blocked, Le Monde reports.
Facebook launches fake news filter in France

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Syrian refugee sues Facebook over fake news

A Syrian refugee has filed a lawsuit against Facebook in Germany, after a selfie he took with Chancellor Angela Merkel was used in a series of fake news stories linking him to terrorism.
“If it’s about breasts or child pornography, Facebook is very well able to detect all pictures.”A ruling in the case is expected on March 3rd.
Modamani asked Facebook to remove the offending posts, and the article linking him to the Brussels bombings was taken down.
But German lawmakers have considered tougher legislation, including a proposal that would fine Facebook for every fake news article it fails to remove.
“If it’s about breasts or child pornography, Facebook is very well able to detect all pictures.”Officials in Germany have criticized Facebook in recent months for allowing hate speech and fake news to spread on its platform.
Syrian refugee sues Facebook over fake news


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