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Apple to start production MUCH later


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Apple has decided to start manufacturing its iPhones in India, with a new factory set up in Bangalore, the region’s government has revealed.
India has become the third country to start assembling the iPhone and if the production goes well, Apple will consider giving Wistron more responsibility to manufacture components from the base too.

Apple will be starting iPhone 8 production early, says report

Apple will be starting iPhone 8 production early, says report
Apple reportedly decided to use Bangalore as its Indian manufacturing base following meetings with the company’s Priya Balasubramaniam, VP of iPhone operations at Apple, Dheeraj Chugh, director of iPhone operations, Ali Khanafer, senior manager of government affairs in India and the Middle East, as well as representatives from the government in India.
“With Apple’s China sales slowing down, it’s opportunity India, and Apple might look at a different SKU, distribution and sourcing model to make it affordable to millions of aspiring customers.”
“There is no component ecosystem in the country besides what Samsung has done in India,” Navkendar Singh, senior research manager of IDC’s India and South East Asia mobile device’s division said.

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