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7 mad smartphone camera tricks and tips

How can I improve my Android camera?

to Know your telephone camera settings. For one thing, don’t depend on your telephone’s default auto mode. …

**Set your determination high. …

**Yes back camera, No front Camera. …

**Lenses are the windows to your spirit. …

**Tripods and Monopods recovered your. …

**Go towards the light. …

**Composition rules, period. …

**8. of scene and burst modes.

also A great many people bring photographs with their cell phones nowadays, yet the vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea about all these astounding traps. Picture taker Lorenz Holder shows seven innovative cell phone photography tips and traps utilizing an iPhone 5S.

7 clever smartphone photography tricks


These traps ought to deal with generally cell phones.
Here are seven smartphone photography traps that you can attempt at this moment:

Scene Sequence. Make your displays fun by requesting that your model move to various parts of the scene as you take the succession.

Pano Drive-By. Take a scene from the window of a moving vehicle.

Zoom Lens. Utilize binoculars as a zoom focal point.

Large scale Lens. Put a little drop of water on the focal point for a full scale impact.

Reflector. Because you’re utilizing your cell phone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a stab at great lighting. An auto thwart screen can be utilized as a reflector. This is particularly helpful for representations.

Tripod and Shutter Cable. Decrease camera shake by building yourself a smaller than expected tripod with a couple bits of cardboard. At that point utilize the volume control on your earphones as a screen discharge.

Submerged Housing. Put your cell phone in an unmistakable glass to reproduce submerged lodging.
The DIY zoom focal point, large scale focal point, tripod, and screen link are out and out quick. The submerged lodging tip, be that as it may, appears somewhat dangerous. It might be savvier to purchase a shabby submerged camera than to put your cell phone submerged.

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