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Humans is arguably the “better” show

as declared in Humans’ second season debuts Monday, February 13, at 10 pm Eastern on AMC.
In terms of storytelling, Humans is arguably the “better” show (whatever that means).
Related The slippery, radical, wackadoodle politics of AMC’s robot drama HumansBut Humans remains more interested in ideas than in guts.
And for all my complaining about Humans’ bloodlessness, the second season finale ends on some enormously powerful moments that hit me square in the gut.
Humans is a straightforward social-issues drama, one that takes a semi-omniscient view of an alternate world right on the cusp of everything changing forever.

THUBBER could help gadgets and robot muscles stay cool

D: Strips of thubber being heatedThe key component in making ‘thubber’ is liquid metal droplets that are non-toxic.
Researchers have developed an electronic rubber material that will help create soft, stretchy robots and electronics.
C: The liquid metal combined with the rubber material to form ‘thubber.’
The key component in making ‘thubber’ is liquid metal droplets.
A: The deformable ‘thubber’ material being stretched.

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