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the comments in Messenger & Facebook purple bird

as informed in Facebook 4 The Trash Dove sticker set has been taking over Facebook in comments and in Messenger What is the Facebook purple bird?
Facebook 4 Florida-based illustrator Syd Weiler designed the Trash Dove seriesWho is Syd Weiler?
The creator behind the Trash Dove series is Florida-based illustrator Syd Weiler.
Trash Dove is a little cartoon bird that has been taking over comments sections on Facebook.
If you haven’t, meet Trash Dove, a series of stickers has been taking over the social media site – but where did they come from and why?

Trash dove: how a purple bird took over Facebook
Trash dove: how a purple bird took over Facebook

Photograph: FacebookThere’s a Trash Dove for every situation: detective Trash Dove, bread enthusiast Trash Dove, business Trash Dove …People on Facebook use stickers the same way they use emojis, either on messenger or in comments on posts.
Syd Weiler’s Trash Dove Facebook messenger stickers.
Meet the Trash Dove, a little cartoon bird that has begun taking over Facebook.
Big Facebook sites are full of Trash Doves:Comments on news outlets, meme pages or any big Facebook page are absolutely full of them.
Screenshot of a Trash Dove in the wild.

As it stated in
This very distressed purple bird is derailing conversations across Facebook

To thank Thai Facebook users for making the sticker set a success, Weller made a special Trash Dove.
However, after hundreds of commenters pointed out that showing Trash Dove holding the Thai flag with his foot was somewhat offensive, she replaced it with this even cuter Trash Dove.
In case you were curious about him, the angry fellow is from a Facebook sticker set called “Trash Doves” that went viral in Thailand earlier this month.
The other Trash Doves in the set have diverse hobbies such as eating bread, eating bread bowls, eating pizza, and eating donuts.
As for why everyone loves the flailing Trash Dove so much, I feel like it’s fairly obvious — birds are funny, and flailing is a common response to the trips and trials of everyday life on the web.

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