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Magic Leap’s “whole engineering group is scrambling

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Ahead of a board meeting planned for next week, Magic Leap’s “whole engineering group is scrambling” to produce a working prototype of Magic Leap’s glasses — a prototype the company has been calling the “PEQ” — a person familiar with Magic Leap’s development process told Business Insider.
The current prototype Magic Leap is showing has two “belt packs” attached to the glasses with wire.
Magic Leap decided to split the packs because of thermal concerns, according to a person present during a demonstration.
But as recently as January, the glasses prototype that is supposed to represent Magic Leap’s all-in-one product prototype is nonfunctioning and empty, according to people who have seen presentations from Magic Leap.
Former Magic Leap employees have said heat was an issue with the device.

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We’ve reached out to Magic Leap for facebook comment and will update this story if we hear back.
Magic Leap made waves in 2014 when it teased a mysterious mixed-reality headset that garnered attention and funds from Google, Qualcomm and other companies.
In her first few months at Magic Leap, Campbell says she was asked to put together a 50-slide presentation about gender diversity in the workplace, only to have the meeting scheduled and cancelled six times.
Months later, the lawsuit claims Abovitz asked some female Magic Leap employees, including Campbell, to create the “Female Brain Trust Initiative” (FBI) and tasked them with making their product more woman friendly.
When Campbell asked why the company didn’t fire all of its problematic employees, Vlietstra allegedly answered, “Because we need the white guys.
Former employee sues Magic Leap for sex discrimination

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Lawsuit Says Magic Leap Is Hostile Workplace for Women

“We’re developing a virtual network of expert teams that we can pull together for a client,” Wright explains.
Their activities attracted national interest: co-founder John Mercer acted for the last person to be hanged in Swansea prison.
This reflected its changing focus too, which had shifted from “regular high street activities” to more commercial legal work.
But something had been lost in the process and staff were becoming unsettled, threatening the firm’s future.
Other innovations include using videos in client pitches, showcasing the firm’s ‘Inside Out’ approach, for example.
Lawsuit Says Magic Leap Is Hostile Workplace for Women

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