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Radio host, producer hunted down during Facebook Live stream

as declared in A radio personality and his producer were gunned down this week as they delivered the news during a Facebook Live broadcast in the Dominican Republic, police said.
While harassment and intimidation of journalists is the Dominican Republic are common, but media-related murder is considered unprecedented on the island.
Presenter Luis Manuel Medina and producer Leonidas Martinez were slain Tuesday when gunmen broke into the studios of 103.5 FM in San Pedro de Macoris.
“Impunity in this case will generate fear among journalists, making them scared to speak out and do their jobs.”
Journalism professor Olivo de Leon knew both victims and urged the government to thoroughly investigate and prosecute the killers.

Two journalists killed during Facebook Live broadcast

Two journalists killed during Facebook Live broadcast

as mentioned in Police in the Dominican Republic have detained three men after two radio journalists were shot dead during a Facebook Live broadcast, according to officials.
Gunfire and a woman’s voice shouting, “Shots, shots!”
Attackers burst into the studio and shot the presenter mid-broadcast, a shooting that was also caught on Facebook live.
can be heard on a Facebook live video streamed by one of the journalists there at the time.
“Two people have died and one has been injured,” national police spokesman William Alcantara told reporters.

as mentioned in
Journalists shot dead during Facebook Live video in Dominican Republic

Two radio journalists have been killed in the Dominican Republic after gunmen opened fire during a news bulletin which was being broadcast on Facebook Live.
Producer and director Leo Martínez was shot dead in an adjacent office at the radio station FM 103.5.
The radio station is located within a shopping mall.
Gunfire could be heard during the Facebook Live video, along with a woman yelling “Shots!
While murders are rare, harassment and intimidation of journalists reporting on organised crime and corruption is fairly common in the Dominican Republic.
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