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Samsung successor still Faces Arrest in South Korea Bribery Scandal

Advertisement Continue reading the main story The court said it would hold a hearing on Thursday to decide whether Mr. Lee should be arrested.
The decision blocking the arrest was a blow to the special prosecutor, Park Young-soo, who has tried to build a bribery case against the younger Mr. Lee and Ms. Park.
Mr. Lee is the vice chairman of Samsung.
Many Koreans fear that Mr. Lee’s arrest would hurt the national economy by depriving South Korea’s largest conglomerate of a crucial decision maker.
The investigation of Mr. Lee, a third-generation scion of Samsung, has repercussions beyond the conglomerate.

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South Korea prosecutor expands charges against Samsung chief

South Korea prosecutor expands charges against Samsung chief

Samsung Group President Chang Choon-ki was also questioned on Sunday and another executive on Monday.
They have also requested an arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics Co Ltd President Park Sang-jin, who was also questioned on Monday.
Park, Choi, and Samsung Group have denied bribery accusations.
Park was impeached by parliament in December and South Korea’s Constitutional Court will decide whether to uphold that decision.
Earlier this month, prosecutors searched the offices of the antitrust agency, the Korea Fair Trade Commission, and financial regulator, the Financial Services Commission, as part of their investigation of Samsung Group.

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South Korea to probe Google's Android agreements with Samsung over Tizen

The belief is that the agreements that Samsung signed with Google prevented Samsung from offering Tizen platforms with an Android Runtime environment, making it easy to port apps from Android to Tizen.
This latest probe focuses on a Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) that Google and Samsung signed in 2011.
“We are currently checking if Google thwarted competition in the operating system market,” an FTC official told the Korea Times.
A Google Korea spokesman said: “Android is an open source platform.
Our partner agreements are entirely voluntary — anyone can use Android without Google.

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