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Massive iPhone 8 seep detect 5 New Features

as mentioned in  Based on everything we are learning about the iphone 8, it would be a stunning riposte…___Follow Gordon on Twitter, Facebook and Google+More On Forbesapple Leak Reveals Major iphone 8 Upgradeiphone 8 Leak Explains Apple’s Expensive New Smartphoneapple iOS 10.2.1 Is Causing New Problemsapple iOS 10.2.1: Should You Upgrade?
Exclusive: iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Essential Upgrades
Interestingly Kuo says the end result is the iPhone 8 will be almost bezel-less with a mammoth 5.8-inch display squeezed into a chassis no larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.
It is fast becoming clear the iPhone 8 (some call it the ‘iPhone X’) will be the biggest upgrade and therefore the biggest gamble in Apple’s smartphone history.
Kuo says the side effect of this major design overhaul is Touch ID has also reached the end of the line.

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New iPhone 8’s Transparent Mystery

New iPhone 8's Transparent Mystery

An iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone, in use, in operation, and appearance.
As Tim Cook continues to promote the idea of mixed reality devices as the future, the futuristic idea of a transparent iPhone makes more sense from a UI perspective.
How can Apple make the iPhone transparent?
If you can’t make the hardware transparent, do what ever coder in the past has done.
The mixed reality enabled iPhone would look and feel like an iPhone, it would be comfortable, but it would also be able to switch into mixed reality mode and Apple’s software could start delivering the benefits of mixed reality through an app.

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Apple's Surprising Collaboration To Improve Your New iPhone

I’ve previously written about the decision that Apple will have to make when it adds wireless charging to the iPhone.
Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards.
Now read how the design changes on the iPhone 8 facilitate wireless charging…
Apple’s upcoming tenth anniversary iPhone is expected to include a number of new features to Cupertino’s smartphone.
The decision is a simple one but it will have repercussions for existing wireless users looking at the iPhone, part of Apple’s strategy for the next few years, and the impact of the iPhone 8 on the wireless charging ecosystem.

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