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the latest smartphone to hit the market is iDroid BALR X7

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We got our hands on the BALR X7 and here is what we thought:What’s in the box?
We got our iDroid BALR X7 in black, but the phone is also available in gold.
Taking into consideration how often users end up scratching their smartphone. the BALR X7, comes with a screen protector and a presentable plastic back cover.
Specs and performanceThe 5.5-inch BALR X7 features a quad Core 1.3GHz processor which runs on a customised version of Android 5.1 Lollipop.
You will find a two-panel box underneath the lid with BALR X7 resting on one side and a covered panel on the other side.

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WATERLOO REGION — Nothing marks BlackBerry’s transition to a software company better than data showing that its share of the global smartphone market has shrunk to zero per cent.
“If ever there was a meaningless statistic it is this one,” said Levy of the zero per cent market share for BlackBerry smartphones.
That gave BlackBerry a market share of 0.00048125 per cent, which Gartner rounded to zero.
In 2009, its share of the global smartphone market was 20 per cent.
“BlackBerry is now a software company,” Chen declared in December when the results were released.
BlackBerry’s share of smartphone market hits zero

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HTC leaves ‘ultra competitive’ entry-level smartphone market to focus on turning a profit

Expect only mid-range and high-end flagships from HTC moving forward.
Chia-Lin Chang, President of HTC’s smartphone and Connected Device divisions, says the Taiwanese company will stop chasing high sales numbers in the entry-level smartphone markets and instead focus on designing and selling highly profitable devices.
Only time will tell if this new strategy will lift HTC’s smartphone division out of the red, but at least we’re sure to see the top tier of smartphones from HTC moving forward.
HTC is hoping that less is more when it comes to smartphone offerings.
Instead of chasing high sales figures with cheaper devices, the plan will be to focus on mid-range devices and premium flagships with higher profit margins — such as the forthcoming HTC U Ultra and U Play.
HTC leaves 'ultra competitive' entry-level smartphone market to focus on turning a profit

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