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Oppo is Top China’s mobile in Q4 2016

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as mentioned in q&a honor comes with loyalty John Everington expands on what the new Honor 6X has to offer:What other features do I need to know about?
The Honor 6X is yet another strong mid-range smartphone from Huawei, offering a solid all-round performance and a standout dual lens camera at a very affordable price.
But the Honor 6X camera’s standout feature is the ability to do “bokeh” shots, until recently only possible with a DSLR, where either the foreground or background is blurred.
While Apple recently trumpeted the feature on the iPhone 7 Plus, results on the Honor 6X are of comparative quality at less than a third of the price.
What colour does the Honor 6X come in?

Honor 6X review: newest smartphone another winner for Huawei
newest smartphone another winner for Huawei

Huawei acquires 10% of global smartphone market sales

as mentioned in Huawei ranked third overall, with nearly 10% market share, maintaining a steady growth despite a weaker global market.
Among the top five vendors—Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo—the three Chinese brands account for almost 20% of the global market share.
According to data released by the analysts at Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint Research, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) became the third largest smartphone manufacturer by market share, commanding 10% of the global market.
Despite the softening of the global smartphone market, Huawei’s annual growth in shipments shows strong momentum and continues to perform above the industry average.
Huawei has also modified its channel strategy, growing the total number of its offline service stores to more than 460 across 45 countries worldwide.


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