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Sun Power stars with new solar panel technology

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When he retired as CEO last year, Rodgers had been the only chief executive Cypress ever had since Rodgers founded the company in 1982.
All in all, signing up a school district near San Diego isn’t that big of a deal.
So, in spite of all the rain right now, Sun Power is finding a way to shine.
“Canyon Bridge’s pending $1.3 billion acquisition of U.S. programmable logic maker Lattice Semiconductor, a company Cypress has attempted to acquire on two previous occasions, clearly demonstrates that Canyon Bridge competes directly with Cypress,” Rodgers said in a statement.
Sun Power investors liked the thought of the company going back to school so much, so to speak, that they sent Sun Power shares up 8.8 percent to close Tuesday at $8.58.

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Newer tools and technology developments such as wearables, IoT, VR and AR are changing the parameters of customer experience with mobile, Willis said.
Alternative approaches to interaction and service delivery will spring up, and code will move from traditional mobile devices and apps to the cloud, he said.
Gartner predicts that by 2018, 25 percent of new mobile apps will talk to IoT devices.
Advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural-language processing, and bots integrated into messaging apps will create new opportunities to interact with users seamlessly via their mobile devices, the firm said.
A lot of the innovation in the mobile technology market in the future will not come within the devices themselves, but in the things that communicate with the devices.
Prepare for a new age of mobile technology

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Trump’s new national security adviser is a futurist with warnings about technology

During an April 2015 symposium on Army innovation, McMaster expanded on the risk inherent in an overreliance on military technology.
“[There is a] delusion that… a narrow range of military technologies will be decisive in future war,” he said.
“The biggest risk that we have today is the development of concepts that are inconsistent with the enduring nature of war,” McMaster said.
Budget pressures and persistent fascination with technology have led some to declare an end to war as we know it.
A week after Michael Flynn’s abrupt fall from grace, President Trump will smooth things over with a national security adviser that at least some people can agree on.
Trump’s new national security adviser is a futurist with warnings about technology

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