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Samsung disgrace gets Shame on Korea

As it stated in “It was unprecedented that the leader of Samsung Group is arrested.
That team says it will be indicting the Samsung Group chief before then.
Samsung’s boss questioned over the weekend Monday, 20 Feb 2017 | 5:25 AM ET | 00:44 It was an intense weekend for Jay Y. Lee as a special prosecution team in South Korea grilled the de-facto leader of Samsung for more than 20 hours.
For now, Lee is back in the Seoul detention center, and back in his 70-square-foot cell.
On Saturday, Lee had been handcuffed and tied with white rope, as he was taken for questioning by South Korean authorities after a night in a cell



Samsung Heir’s Arrest in South Korea Intensifies Calls for Cleanup

Samsung Heir’s Arrest in South Korea Intensifies Calls for Cleanup

South Korea faces a tenuous balancing act.
In chaebol culture, often likened to an imperial monarchy within South Korea, the chairman must endorse or make corporate decisions.
On Friday, Moon Jae-in, the opposition leader who tops surveys of potential candidates to replace Ms. Park, called the arrest “proof that justice is still alive in South Korea.”
With Mr. Lee gone, there is no top executive to make long-term plans and strategic decisions.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThe police arrested Mr. Lee and took him into custody, an unprecedented move for a major Samsung official.

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