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Pokemon GO has returned to the top of the App Store

according to Pokemon GO has returned to the top of the App Store grossing charts following its major update which added 80 new Pokemon to collect.
Overall top grossing ranks for Pokemon on iPhone from February 12th to February 22nd Pokemon’s major update added new Pokemon from the second-generation of the series.
Its peak performance post-update has been at fifth on the overall top grossing charts, and it has already fallen to eighth.
According to data from App Annie, the game is currently at number one on the overall top grossing charts in the UK and US.
Major boostIt had been lingering in the top 20 of the grossing ranks in the US and UK for some time before the update hit.

Pokemon Go is back on top of the App Store thanks to the latest update

IT Go is back on top of the App Store thanks to the latest update

according to Thanks to last week’s Generation 2 update, Pokemon Go is once again the highest grossing game on iTunes in the United States.
Pokemon Go hasn’t been number one on the App Store since its New Years event on January 4.
While number one on the App Store, Pokemon Go came in third on Google Play behind Mobile Strike and Game of War – Fire Age, respectively.
Last week’s update did more than just add over 80 new Pokemon, the update also increased rewards when catching evolved Pokemon, a new night mode map, gender-specific variations of select Pokemon, two new berries and Evolution items.
If you click the links above, you will also find the general notes for the update.


according to Pokemon Go 2017 Wishlist – Legendary, Gen 2, seasonal events, Pokemon Plus Sun, January 1, 2017 POKEMON GO developer Niantic MUST add these features in 2017 if the app is to continue as a success.
Play slideshow GETTY 1 of 7 Pokemon Go 2017 WishlistIt appears that while events prove popular with existing players, the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update managed to bring back players.
This week saw Pokemon Go return as the top No.1 grossing iPhone game for the United States and up to no.3 in the Android charts.
Celebrating Pokemon Day, February 27 will see several events commemorating the launch of the very first Pokemon games in Japan way back in 1996.
It has also been revealed that Nintendo’s partner, the Pokemon company, has announced a new Pokemon  event that will be rolling out later this week.

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